A Web-based energy information portal which provides consumers real-time usage information and tools for greater control over their electric bills.  
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  • Application Software Design and Development
  • Consulting and Technical Staff Augmentation
  • Web Service Design and Development
  • Data Integration, Add-Ins, and Customization
  • Software Analysis, Evaluation, and Feasibility

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In today's conservation environment, consumers are demanding useful information quickly and easily to help them understand and manage their energy use. Beyond delivering reliable service, we understand that delivering our members useful information is good business; it's why we invested in mymeter™.

Kaye Bernard - VP Finance
Tri-County Electric Cooperative

mymeter™ is a great tool when assisting customers with high bill questions because our customers can see for themselves what days their usage increased or decreased. Customers who do not use the internet benefit as well because we can mail them the daily data and graphs displaying when the power was used. It is particularly interesting for customers to see how their usage is affected by changes in temperature.

Carol Purcell - Customer Service Supervisor
Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association

mymeter™ has given us so much more control over our energy usage. We keep discovering more and more features as we explore the site. Love the mouse over detail chart for each day, and now we can see our account summary for almost 2 years back. This is such a great use of technology for energy conservation.

Mary & John Fahlander - Members
Lake Region Electric Cooperativen

mymeter™ has made a positive impact on communicating to consumers about how they use electricity on a daily basis. I can't imagine not having this service. The consumer can look at the usage themselves and see on a daily basis the energy they are using. Customers love being able to take control and track their usage daily, weekly or anytime they want, and at their convenience.

Carol Priewe - Customer Service Representative
Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association